Growth & Change Management

for Technology Businesses

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Anamosys enables business growth by helping companies to organise and to scale.

For early stage businesses this is about bridging a gap, enabling a small band of enthusiastic and passionate individuals with a great idea to become a professional, sustainable and growing team.

For more established businesses it is about challenging the status quo, injecting new ideas and renewed enthusiasm to overcome barriers to growth and progress.

Where we can help:

  • Mentoring and coaching the management team in organisation, scalability and growth strategies.
  • Creation and establishment of appropriate and lean business processes, tools and infrastructure.
  • How to handle many different customers and projects, and significant information and resources.
  • Managing the change needed to transition from a small to a medium sized enterprise whilst still maintaining an agile culture.
  • Building a team via external recruitment and internal people development coupled with empowerment and effective delegation.
  • Communication and people management skills needed to persuasively shift thinking and behaviour.

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